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The Essential Guide to Business VAT

FAQ Accounting Questions for Business Start-Ups

You have a great idea, you’ve got a website and your business is starting to take orders/turnover money, so now what? On top of the day to day running of your business you also need to make sure you aware of your reporting responsibilities. Accounting can be a very complex area and you may feel a little out of your depth. So what are the most common accounting questions for business start ups?

Which is the Best Accounting Software for My Business?

When setting up a business it’s important to find software, that not only is a good fit for your business, but also has the ability to grow as you do. So what are the key factors to consider? Is it cloud based Can it be accessed on a phone Does it have automatic feeds Are there suitable add ons Is it user friendly What is the reporting capability Is it affordable Does it offer good support

Why does your business need management accounting?

What are management accounts? Management accounts are different from the day to day bookkeeping, though they do rely on the bookkeeping to be done correctly. Management accounts are the financial reports used by business owners and managers to provide a financial snapshot of the business. They can help see how well you have done over a certain period of time e.g. have profits increased through to looking at key performance indicators such as how long on average customers take to pay you.

5 Reasons to outsource your bookkeeping

Keeping accurate and up to date records is very important for your small business. It can mean the difference between realising you're not as profitable as you thought so you can make changings, to realising to late and your business collapses. Bookkeeping can seem like the last thing a business owner wants to do or has time for, as the main goal is always making money. Quite often a business owner can start off with good intentions but once the owner realises the amount of work involved, to correctly keep on top of the books, it can often be side-lined, which can will cause issues later on.

How to choose a bookkeeper

You've set up the business, it's going well and you are selling your product or service. In the beginning you may have good intentions and try to keep on top of your paperwork or maybe it's a job that you keep putting off as you have no time. The thought of doing your own books may leave you a bit worried, it is quite easy to make a mess of your books, that then require quite a lot of time to sort out. There are several key things you need to do when you start a business that make bookkeeping a lot easier.

Your local Xero bookkeeper in Cornwall

As a small bookkeeping firm based in Cornwall we are very aware of the challenges that face small - medium businesses. Having used several different bookkeeping software we have settled on Xero as our software of choice. By making sure the bookkeeping is done correctly it can not only keep you on top of your statutory duties but give you peace of mind as well.

Top things to consider when starting a business

It can be nerve wracking to start a business and take the leap from employed to self-employed. So what should you consider, before taking the plunge? - Research, this is key, is there a gap in the market, do people want/need your service/product? This can be the key to failure or success. - SWOT analysis, fully looking at the; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats can really help you to plan. Look at where you are based, here in Cornwall you can face different challenges to those who are setting up in city. Or will location not matter as it will be internet based?

Should I bother with regular bookkeeping?

There are lots of reasons why regular bookkeeping is important. We understand that generating income is the most important thing and this can sometimes lead to paperwork being neglected. So why is it important to keep on top of it?

Bookkeeper Cornwall

Bookkeeper Cornwall I am a bookkeeper based in Redruth, Cornwall. My services cover all parts of Cornwall and due to cloud based technology further afield too. I offer regular bookkeeping, management accounts as well as self assessments for sole traders. I don't offer regular work on site but am able to work at your business occasionally (post Covid) if you have a staff shortage or would like a catch up.